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A high converting email with attention-grabbing headline and copy.

Short Video Shows How To Get & Stay Hard Naturally


Every so often, I come across a tip or a technique that I just NEED to share with you.

And this one...it's a GAME CHANGER.

Because once you learn it, you'll be the rock-hard MARATHON MAN every woman fantasizes about...

A real man who's able to get "hard as steel" on command, and go all night (over and over, as many times as you want...and as many times as SHE craves it)...

So from now on, you can forget about expensive pills, humiliating trips to the doctor, or silly gadgets that CLAIM to make you "bigger down there," or help with with your "wood"...

Because this video shows you one simple "sexual stamina" secret that you can use TONIGHT:

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Believe me, this all-natural secret is NOT what you think...

And it doesn't matter if you've been having problems getting it up, or you "blow it too soon," or if you just aren't making love to women the way a masculine, powerful, dominant man SHOULD...

Because right now, we're about to change ALL of that...

And best of all, the proven method I'm about to share with you is 100% natural and gives you TOTAL CONTROL.

Imagine being able to get rock-hard on command, and STAYING as hard as a baseball bat for as long you want...

So you can give women body-shaking, mind-blowing screaming orgasms like they've NEVER felt with another man!

It comes down to using this one simple, all-natural trick, and you'll learn it in this free video presentation…

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P.S. Just know that once you start using this drop-dead simple "marathon man" secret, it's likely that you will get women ADDICTED to you...

So use this wisely, ok?

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Medium length copy, gets VERY strong open rates and click-throughs

SUBJECT: Can This Guy Get You To Last Longer In Bed?


Hey there,

I'm about to share with you a weird, controversial and downright shocking discovery that's going to totally change the way you have sex - forever.

It only takes minutes to learn, and once you do, three amazing things are going to happen…

One, this secret method will make you stiffer than steel "down there..."

(I'm talking about raging, throbbing, vein-popping boners like you haven’t had since high school...

Two, this method makes you STAY rock-hard for as long as you want. This means no more "blowing it" too soon.

You'll be in complete command. You’ll never pull the trigger and unload until YOU decide to.

Which leads to me number three…

This secret method ALSO gives you the power to rock any woman’s world in bed, and give her the most intense, mind- blowing orgasms she has ever experienced.

Whether you're in a relationship, or playing the field, when you use this method on any female she will BEG you for more, and brag to her friends about what a "big stud" you are…

So check this out now, while you still can:

=> Bigger, Thicker, Longer AND Stronger (Get The Ultimate "Edge" In The Bedroom


Talk soon,


P.S. Starting as soon as tonight, you'll be able to go round after round, and last as long as it takes…

Until she climaxes so hard, she'll SCREAM loud enough to wake the neighbors and explode like a volcano!

Believe me, after you put on a performance like that, she isn't going roll over and go back to checking her phone…

She'll be stroking your chest, purring in your ear, and thanking her lucky stars she’s got herself a REAL MAN…

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A heavily tested swipe that gets strong click-through.


Ancient, All-Natural Secret Makes You 'Hard As Steel?'


Hey there,

Have you noticed that you just can't "get the job done" in the bedroom the way you used to?

It happens to all of us. As we get older, the firmness and POWER of our erections starts to weaken...

And for a lot of guys, even getting it up at ALL becomes a chore!

If you've ever struggled at all with this (and I can relate, because my own "limpness" problem had gotten so bad my wife was on the verge of leaving me...)

Then I have some bad news for you...kinda SCARY news, actually...

But then I've got some GOOD news.

The bad news is that you need to reverse your situation NOW...because when it comes to your "manhood muscle," it's really like any other muscle in your body...

If you don't USE it, you LOSE it!

Now for the good news: THOUSANDS of guys your age are flat-out RAVING about a 100% all-natural solution that is giving men strength, power and stamina in the bedroom that is making them feel like they're 18 years old again...

WITHOUT having to rely on dangerous pills, embarrassing pumps or painful injections!

Even more interesting, it's based on a secret invented in ancient China, that was used by some of history's greatest emperors and conquerors...

Including Genghis Khan, who in addition to conquering a big chunk of the planet, was ALSO such a superhuman stud that he sired hundreds of children all the way into his 70s...

In fact, he had so many kids with his harems of honeys that today, 1 in 200 men can trace their DNA back to him!

Genghis Khan and other legends of ancient Asia used this one simple all-natural secret, and now you can discover it here and use it TONIGHT:

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To your happiness and hardness,


P.S. Do NOT wait until it's too late to reverse your situation. I don't want to see you lose your lady to another man who CAN give her what she craves...

Or even worse, lose your ability to ever "point your needle north" again...

So go here now and learn this amazing, all-natural secret used by the most virile, sexually dominant men to EVER walk the earth:

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This swipe plays up the scarcity and curiosity. Highly effective.

One “Weird” Trick To make You STIFF AS STEEL (Use It Tonight)


Hi there,

The long-awaited, all-natural cure for "going soft" in bed has finally been discovered…

I could barely believe it myself, until I watched this short (and eye-opening) video:

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I strongly urge you to watch that video NOW, because that website could be GONE from the internet tomorrow… for shocking reasons you’ll soon discover.

(Let's just say the $4.9 billion pharmaceutical industry does NOT want this secret going public, because it will stick a knife through the heart of their profits…)

Just watch that short video, and you’ll discover the REAL reason you can't get wood, and keep it up, the way you used to (it's not what you think…)

And how to instantly and permanently “reverse” your situation so that you can achieve bulging, rock-hard boners on command, without pills, pumps or injections.

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To reclaiming your manhood,



A story-based email that sucks the reader in, and makes them click.

I looked down in horror and felt TOTAL humiliation...


I’ll never forget it. It was the most embarrassing night of my life…

There was my beautiful, sexy wife…lying naked on the bed, her legs spread…BEGGING me to climb on top of her and ravage her...

And there I was, frantically tugging on my “manhood,” trying to get it to show some sign of life...

But it was limper than a piece of soggy spaghetti...


Look, if you've ever suffered from any "performance problems" in bed...

If you ever struggle to get hard, stay hard, or to last long enough to satisfy your woman...

Then you know how painful and humiliating it is.

And in my case, honestly, I was scared...because I knew if I couldn't fix my problem SOON, my marriage was going to fall apart.

That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered this all-natural fix based on an unusual "ancient secret"...

=>Watch The Video Here (And Get The #1 "Sex God" Secret)


I gave it a try, and the next night my wife was the happiest woman on earth!

Now, my "softness" problem is permanently fixed, and I can last as long as I want. I can even go round after tound, the way I could 20 years ago...

And I'm doing it 100% naturally, without pills, pumps or injections.

Best of all, I feel like a MAN again.

=> Give this a quick look and see how YOU can become the "Man Of Steel" every woman secretly craves in bed:


Rooting For You,


P.S. Once you see how drop-dead simple this all-natural cure is, and you experience the amazing, life-changing results for yourself...

Well, then you'll understand why the Big Pharma billionaires who who sell the "little blue pills" are desperately trying to shut this guy up and take down his website.

=> Just make sure you watch this right now, until the very end, because it might be gone tomorrow...



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